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Glad you could join us.  If you are new to Romancing Alaska our superheroes recommend that you use the following approach to plan your vacation: First, choose one activity that you and your fellow adventurers would most like to experience while here in Alaska.  Use the Activity Menu to jump to various locations and view the adventures.  Once you select your main adventure, click on the region maps on the bottom of that adventure's page to find other adventures in the same general location.  Maps on the right side are most specialized to the region of the adventure described on that page.  The maps increase in area covered as you move to the left.  Once you have gone to a map, click on the other adventures identified by red doughnuts and names on the map to see if there is something nearby that your group would like to experience while in the area.


Green links (underlined text) will take you to a listing in the directory of vendors.  Red and blue links are links within the web containing information about particular adventures.  Purple links will jump to web pages outside RomancingAlaska.com. 

This symbol will be found in each adventure page.  It indicates which season or seasons you can expect activities.  Generally, spring breakup happens in Southcentral during the months of March through May.  Summer is June through mid-August.  Late August through the first part of October are fall.  Winter is mid October through the beginning of March.  However, the farther north you travel in Alaska, the shorter the summer and longer the winter. This symbol is only meant to be a general guide.  Before making plans, be sure to speak directly with tour operators, who can best advise on next season's schedule.

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