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Adventures await you in the gold rush town of Skagway.  Click on a red circle or red text to find out about the indicated adventure.  Click on the name of the Alaska Marine Highway System to find out more information about the route.


While only 800 people make Skagway their year-round home, this place hops in the summer.  Once a thriving gold rush town, Skagway has adapted into a tourist boom town.  Skagway can play host to four cruise ships at one time.  Add daily traffic from the Alaska Marine Highway system, the highway to Whitehorse and the railroad to Bennett Lake and Carcross and you have major tourist cash coming through.  So needless to say, most of the businesses in town deal in souvenir products or services catering to the needs and desires of the visitor.

Skagway is much more dry than the rest of southeast.  Even though it was quite cloudy during the three days of our last visit, Claimjumper and I experienced very little rain. Skagway’s annual precipitation averages only 26 inches.

Skagway is a good place to resupply.  We located a grocery store and a natural foods store – very odd for such a small town.  Skagway has a local sales tax.  

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