Adventure awaits you in and around Alaska's capital city!  Click on a red circle or red text to find out about the indicated adventure.  Click on the name of the ferry to learn more about the route.

Juneau is Alaska's state capital.  There are no roads to Juneau.  Although initiative have been made to move the capital closer to the people, they have all failed.  Politicians and constituents seem to prefer not having to deal with one another face to face.

Juneau, not unlike the other communities of southeast, experiences much rainfall.  Juneau receives an average of 90 inches of precipitation every year.  And the plants love it!  Juneau is a green jewel in the state's "panhandle."  Bottom line: bring your raingear and a great appetite for wild berries.

Juneau does have a municipal sales tax, so prices for tours and such will need to be increased by the tax. 

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