White Mountains Gateway   

The BLM supposedly maintains this area so that it is open May through September.  It looked like a lot of fun, with two campgrounds and a large area for recreational gold panning.  But Claimjumper’s attempts to “mud bog” up the steep slope in the Bantha were thwarted by huge snowdrifts that blocked the road.  We will return another day to complete a full report on the site.  Perhaps the winter of 2000 was exceptionally snowy, but we will not recommend this site until at least mid June.

On the Steese Highway headed out from Fairbanks toward Circle, turn left up the U.S. Creek Road at mile 57.  The road climbs six miles up into the White Mountains to Nome Creek area where it will branch in both directions.  Each direction goes to a campground – Ophir Creek to the left and Mt. Prindle to the right.

Last Visited: May 2000

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